Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis-Ltd III has many advantages over various other medical products

User Friendly. Psoriasis-Ltd III is simple and fast to use. After you wash the affected areas, be sure to leave them wet - just glide Psoriasis-Ltd over the area where you have skin inflammation. Its small form is easy to carry in a purse, pocket, or backpack when you're going to work, to school, or on vacation. However, most often it will be used at home in the early morning and at bedtime, or any time at your convenience such as while watching television.

Psoriasis-Ltd III has NO side effects. The sodium chloride and sulfur in Psoriasis-Ltd III have been used in other ways for centuries without causing any known side effects. Psoriasis-Ltd III does not cause watery eyes, nausea, constipation, temporary redness, mild dryness, burning sensations of the skin, yeast infections, or birth anomalies. Skin subject to treatments that call for continued exposure to UV rays put an individual at increased risk for developing skin cancer. Psoriasis-Ltd III does not cause photosensitization (i.e., increased sensitivity to sunlight). Past use of steroids can often damage or thin the skin and sometimes cause scarring. Psoriasis-Ltd. helps keep skin from drying, a common problem in psoriasis sufferers and will not further irritate the skin as do many topical products. Unlike azelaic acid, which can lighten the skin, Psoriasis-Ltd III causes no hypopigmentation. However, it is strongly recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology that everyone apply sunscreen (SPF of at least 15) as part of their daily skin care regimen. Lastly, Psoriasis-Ltd III does not interact with drugs, which allows for complete freedom in treating any other medical conditions.

Psoriasis-Ltd III is also very pleasing to the senses. The smell of Psoriasis-Ltd is barely noticeable unlike many conditioners that are heavily fragranced or that smell "medicinal". The only way to detect any smell of the product would be if an individual were to hold the product or an area of conditioned skin 1-2 inches from his/her nose which is the distance at which you can smell a baseball or pencil. Psoriasis-Ltd. is also practically invisible! It dissolves into the affected skin area leaving almost no trace of the product (you would have to examine your skin 'very' carefully to see it). Psoriasis-Ltd. does not leave your skin feeling greasy as most other products do. Also, it does not rub off on to clothing or bedding or stain the skin or any fabric. And it does not cause redness as steroids do.

High percentage of concentrated product. Psoriasis-Ltd III contains more than 99% of the ingredients that work to improve your skin condition which is an unusually high percentage for any skin product (zinc oxide, sodium chloride, magnesium stearate, polyethylene glycol, iron oxide, copper oxide, and sulfur). Sulfur is used externally only and is not to be confused with sulfa which is taken internally. This means it is free of any carrier or base. Typically, acceptable carriers such as ethanol, glycerol, sterile alcohol, and glycerylmonostearate are used to place a medication or other product in solution or emulsion form for application, which sometimes irritate the skin. None is used for Psoriasis-Ltd as it is more than 99% undiluted mineral conditioners in and of itself.

Quick Results: Psoriasis-Ltd III customers usually see visible improvement in the appearance of their skin within several days to two weeks. Almost all notice a substantial change within 40 days, and even more improvements after several months. Psoriasis-Ltd III is formulated to avoid any reddening effect by calming the skin and minimizing the overactive blood vessels which can lead to redness. The appearance and feel of skin suffering from psoriasis, eczema, or psoriasis as well as acne or rosacea is improved within just a few days.

No bacteria resistance. Some strains of bacteria, usually found in hospitals, have mutated and become resistant to known antibiotics. Bacteria, like all life forms, follow the simple rules of natural selection. Chance genetic changes that help an organism survive and reproduce in a challenging environment will be passed down to its progeny and thus become more prevalent. Bacteria cells can reproduce every 20 minutes; therefore, genetic change is very quick for them. Since even the most common bacteria become resistant to antibiotics within 3 to 5 months, psoriasis sufferers face repeated trips to the dermatologist for new antibiotic prescriptions. Darwinism, or "survival of the fittest," has created superbugs which cannot be killed by normal antibiotics. Psoriasis-Ltd III, however, does not allow mutation or continued growth. Using Psoriasis-Ltd may reduce the need for antibiotics since skin stays clear toned and in a better condition to naturally resist infection. Help guard against resistant bacteria by saving the strong antibiotics for emergency situations.

Cost Effective: At $98.00 for one tan disk and one yellow white disk, Psoriasis-Ltd III is very inexpensive and delivers big results for much less than the cost of dermatologist visits. You may wish to compare this investment in your skin with your past cost per year.