Arthritis Mutilans Treatment

Treatment for Arthritis Mutilans

Treatment for arthritis mutillans is based addressing the individual symptoms of the severity of psoriasis the patient presents and the individual severity symptoms of the arthritis the patient is experiencing at the time. Treatment may be adjusted as each symptom flares or goes into remission over time.

Treatment for the arthritis portion of the condition would address the need to relieve pain and swelling in the joints in the hope of preventing further damage to the joints, tendons, bones and cartilage. Primary methods of treatment management would include anti-inflammatory medications, elevation of the feet; and deep tissue massage techniques to relieve and reduce swelling, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage and reduce inflammation. Additional therapeutic treatments to ease pain and swelling in your joints, include heat therapy, ice therapy, or soaking in warm water. It is also beneficial to allow time for sufficient rest.

Treatment of psoriasis is fast easy and simple with the application of the soothing beneficial minerals contained in Psoriasis-Ltd. These minerals are specially formulated to address the symptoms of psoriasis and skin related conditions. They enhance the body's ability to restore the balance to the skin so needed to begin the healing process.

Apply Psoriasis-Ltd III at least two times per day, or as time allows, especially at bedtime. A good time to apply Psoriasis-Ltd III is after a bath or shower when the body is wet and this is especially true if there is a large skin area affected. Apply the disks to any area of the skin by applying a warm yet comfortable wet washcloth over the affected area for a few seconds to wet or moisten the skin. The Psoriasis-Ltd III disk will dissolve into the affected skin area when it is glided over the skin because the skin is wet.

During the course of psoriasis, your condition will worsen and then improve, requiring constant attention to the changing cycle of treatment and management.

What is Arthritis Mutilans?

Arthritis mutilans is a variant of psoriatic arthritis occurring in less than 5% of the cases of psoriatic arthritis. As the name suggests, this sub-type is a more severe, destructive and potentially mutilating form of arthritis. This type of psoriatic arthritis deforms and destroys the joints and is often results in shortening of the affected fingers or toes. Arthritis mutilans causes inflammation and swelling where tendons and ligaments attach to bone. Its destructive nature is due to its ability to destroy not only the cartilage in the joints, but also the bone itself, which causes deforming the joints in the hands and feet. Arthritis mutilans can progress quickly in a few months or may progress over years causing severe joint damage. It is unknown what the link is between arthritis and psoriasis.

Arthritis mutilans can be confused with rheumatoid arthritis due to the resulting similarity in joint deformity. It may also be referred to as chronic absorptive arthritis.