Refund & Return information

We regret that you have not found Psoriasis-Ltd III as you desired. We know that Psoriasis-Ltd III is the best product for psoriasis and if you have not gained the results you desire, there is probably a small problem elsewhere that can easily be remedied. We will be happy to assist you in gaining the results that you had hoped for and we can assist you by reading over the Letter of Instructions again or by reaching us via telephone or email on our contact page.

For an immediate refund, please send the two disk and the Letter of Instruction (which contains all the information as to your name and address and purchase date) to us at:

Bass & Boney Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
1777 Fordham Blvd,
Forum One, Suite 202-5
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

We will process the return by issuing a refund by the same method that you paid through your credit card, PayPal or by a check if you paid by check. And the refund will be made to you the same day of the receipt of your return.

You may return the Psoriasis-Ltd III and Letter of Instructions by any delivery carrier service of your choice. U.S. Mail or any countries mail service as it is probably the least expensive, or by UPS as the second best choice at a higher price. By use of U.S. Mail and most other countries mail service, you can get a Delivery confirmation if you desire for $.50 in addition to the postage, whereas UPS has the delivery confirmation as part of their routine procedure. And of course, Federal Express and DHL has a much higher price but does provide Delivery Confirmation information also.

After we refund the money the day of receipt, before 12:00 midnight of each day, our system will send the refund information to your credit card or PayPal account. Some credit card companies hold the payment for several days or longer depending on the state or providence or country laws that we have no control over.

We thank you for trying Psoriasis-Ltd III and wish you the very best in your search for the psoriasis treatment for you.