Shipping Information.

General Shipping Information:

Psoriasis-Ltd III is delivered to you at the address that you provide on your order from in normally 2-3 days in the United States and in other countries.

Typical Package The delivery package is the standard U.S. Priority mail package that you will see to the left. Other countries will have delivery in the standard Federal Express envelope.

Some deliveries in countries will have an 'import tariff' to pay and a note is left in your mail box. So please take the note to your post office to pick up your package. You will find that Psoriasis-Ltd III is much less expensive than your other product even with the import tax. And there is the great advantage that use of Psoriasis-Ltd III will solve your psoriasis rashes or problems within several months or with a most notable improvement.

Shipments are not made to South Africa: Government restrictions on prescription and non-prescription medications prohibit Psoriasis-Ltd III and other products from entering the country.

Once you have received your Psoriasis-Ltd III order, please follow the directions exactly. Some people are dehydrated and need up to 15 days of drinking the correct 'alkaline water' to become well hydrated while other sufferers need some time to heal from their previous treatments so following the Letter of Instruction recommendations is an essential part of your treatment. We are now in our 10th year of satisfied customers throughout the world.

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