Psoriasis-Ltd III is an all natural psoriasis treatment made from a blend of soothing ingredients made to specifically treat and improve your psoriasis easily. Patients have seen an excellent improvement in the appearance of their psoriasis after starting the application of Psoriasis-Ltd III. Most of our patients have been frustrated for years using steroid creams. Psoriasis-Ltd III is a very innovative approach to solving psoriasis skin problems. Like others, you have been frustrated for years with various old treatments. Just as your body, brain, and psoriasis symptoms are unique, so is our approach to the treatment of psoriasis as "every patient is very different."

Psoriasis-Ltd III is a Natural Treatment
for psoriasis on the face, neck, and body.

Patients see an improvement in the appearance of their psoriasis usually within several days depending on the severity and location on the body. The treatment of psoriasis need not be complicated or difficult. Psoriasis-Ltd is a blend of soothing, beneficial minerals to restore the balance to the skin which is needed to begin the healing process. We are dedicated to solving your psoriasis skin problems. Psoriasis patients continue to see an excellent improvement in the appearance of their skin condition after stopping their current psoriasis treatments and beginning the application of Psoriasis-Ltd III. Psoriasis-Ltd III does not stain clothes or bedding, does not smell, and it penetrates the skin and dries invisibly on the skin in less than 20 seconds. With our 120-day unconditional refund policy, "The only thing you can lose is your psoriasis" as our refund policy is wonderful with our 120 day refund within 120 days of use for any reason or no reason.

The ingredients of Psoriasis-Ltd III are sulfur,sodium chloride, cornstarch, polyethylene glycol, iron oxide, copper oxide, and zinc oxide. Apply Psoriasis-Ltd by simply gliding the Psoriasis-Ltd III disk over the wet skin to dissolve the ingredients onto the affected areas. Psoriasis-Ltd does not contain any potentially irritating preservatives, such as methylparaben, propylparaben, and Quaternium-15, and contains no irritating fragrances. The color of the disk is indicative of the ingredients in the disk with the color being invisible on the skin. Psoriasis-Ltd has a pH of 7.0 which is the perfect pH balance to allow the skin to normalize itself and heal itself.

We have both expertise and authoritativeness in the treatment of psoriasis unparalleled in the industry today. We have been in business over twenty years, maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, complying with strict guidelines set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and continuing research by licensed medical professionals. We have remained a disruptor in the psoriasis skin care market, hosting a free repository of information for the public and providing our customers - patients - with personalized letters of instruction.

Purchase Psoriasis-Ltd III with confidence:

Psoriasis Doctor
Inventor of Psoriasis-Ltd III
  • Psoriasis-Ltd III has medical patents throughout the world for psoriasis.
  • Was invented by a team of Skin Researchers with 32 years of collective research lead by a Johns Hopkins MD (picture to the right), Harvard's Beth Israel-Deaconess Hospital, Mass. General Research, and the University of Pa. at Philadelphia.
  • Is invisible on the skin and is not a messy cream and has no smell.
  • Psoriasis-Ltd III will normally last twelve months.
  • U.S. Customers Only: Reasonable pricing of $98.00 or $0.27 per day including processing with delivery to your home or office in 2-3 days in the U.S. International Customers Only: pricing still reasonably at $130.00 which includes Federal Express Shipping and will normally arrive within 2-3 days in most countries.
  • Has been on the market since 2001, and Bass and Boney, Inc. has been in business since 1983.
  • Offers a 120-day unconditional 100% refund for any reason or no reason.
  • Provides an A+ credibility ranking with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Does not cause sun sensitivity or redness.
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Our team of researchers is led by a Johns Hopkins University M.D. with a two-year fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia, residency at Harvard University’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and two years of research at Massachusetts General Hospital. We developed Psoriasis-Ltd over 20 years ago as an all-natural treatment for psoriasis. Pictured to the right is Dr. Taylor, the inventor of Psoriasis-Ltd.

We have patents for treatments in the United States and 195 other countries.

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a biochemical reaction may be the stimulus which triggers the abnormally high skin growth, causing the psoriasis lesions to develop. Heredity also plays a role in the development of psoriasis. On a normal basis, skin cells grow, mature, and shed about once a month. Skin cells of a person with psoriasis grow nearly seven times faster and build up at the skin's surface resulting in red, raised, scaly patches and lesions. Although some individuals complain of itching, it is not a very common complaint. Individuals who have a family member with a severe case of psoriasis tend to experience early onset of the disease. Recent research studies indicate that psoriasis may be a disorder of the immune system. The T cell, a white blood cell, normally works to fight off infection and disease. Scientists believe that a malfunction in the immune system may cause abnormal activity by T cells in the skin. These abnormally active T cells cause skin inflammation and increased cell production. Diet and vitamin influences have also been thought to play a role in the cause of psoriasis development and progression. The primary culprit in processed foods that trigger an allergic response is gluten. It is believed that as much as 5% to 10% of the population may suffer from some form of gluten intolerance.

Psoriasis affects over 7 million people in the United States. Psoriasis presents itself equally in men and women and is rarely life threatening. Psoriasis appears most frequently between the ages of 15 and 35, but it is possible for it to occur very early or very late in life.

The degree of psoriasis ranges from mild (affects less than 2% of body) to moderate (affects 2-10% of body) to severe (affects greater than 10% of the body). Skin injury and irritation, sun exposure, diet, stress and anxiety, medications, and infections have been known to cause or make psoriasis worse.

Easy Application

Apply Psoriasis-Ltd III

Treatment of Psoriasis

In the treatment of psoriasis, you may not always be able to control the factors that trigger or aggravate your condition, but you can control your approach toward tackling those triggers. A natural treatment to improve psoriasis skin can be found in basic lifestyle changes. Psoriasis tends to flare-up when the person is exposed to certain trigger factors. These substances or conditions such as lack of sunlight and low indoor humidity in the winter months, injury to the skin can cause the formation of psoriasis, infections caused by bacteria or viruses can cause a psoriasis flare, stress may also trigger a flare. Studies do show that not only can a sudden, stressful event trigger a rash to worsen; daily hassles of life can also trigger the symptoms of a flare. Treatment options for psoriasis have come a long way. Treatment is based on the sufferer's age, the severity of their condition, and the type of psoriasis they have.

Symptoms of Psoriasis

The symptoms of psoriasis include mild to moderate itching, cracking of the skin surface, sensations of stinging or burning of the skin, and/or bleeding of the skin. Research indicates these symptoms have a tendency to be more symptomatic in the winter months due to the cold air, reduced sunlight and lower indoor humidity.

Psoriasis can vary from person to person. Each type of psoriasis has its own distinct symptoms and patterns of redness, itching, and flaking. Symptoms for each type of psoriasis may vary in severity and appear in a wide array of combinations.

Nearly 90% of people have plaque-type psoriasis. The main symptoms of plaque psoriasis include: raised, red patches called plaques of skin topped with loose, silvery scales, usually on the knees or elbows.

Psoriasis can affect the nails, causing pits or dents to form in fingernails and toenails. Nail symptoms include: Tiny pits in the nails not associated with fungal nail infections. Yellowish discoloration of the toenails and sometimes the fingernails.

Psoriasis may cause an inflammation in the joints resulting in arthritis symptoms. This condition is called psoriatic arthritis.

Psoriasis may cause scaly buildup in the ears. The dry scales in the ear combined with normal earwax, can sometimes produce the physical blockage of the external ear canal leading to a temporary decrease in hearing.

Psoriasis may take on the appearance of raindrop-shaped patches on the skin surface known as guttate psoriasis.

Koebner's phenomenon is a psoriasis event that may occur when a person with psoriasis has had an injury or trauma to the skin such as a cut, burn, or excess sun exposure to an area of the skin that was not affected by psoriasis.

Ocular symptoms may occur in approximately 10% of psoriasis patients. Ocular psoriasis can cause inflammation of the eye, dryness and discomfort. The edges of the eyelids may become red and crusty.

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